"Every soul shall have a taste of death: And only on the Day of Judgment shall you be paid your full recompense. Only he who is saved far from the Fire and admitted to the Garden will have attained the object (of Life): For the life of this world is but goods and chattels of deception." (Al Imran Chapter 3 verse 185)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The update?

So it been a while since I wrote anything on my so called corner of the blog-sphere. I have a bit to say, I just can't find the time to say it. Full-time studying and the fact that my laptop has finally given up on me has taken its toll on my regular updates.

I did this in a hurry so overlook any mistakes and read with patience! :)

What been happening in my life then?

I went back to school....yea, I am back to being a trampy student. Jeans, converses and weathered book bag......hold on...I've always looked like that lol. I was getting confused there for a minute. So back at school, studying once more with all these different characters.

The token gay guy: for the first two weeks I kept looking for the new girl in the class only to find that it was him....he has a soft high-pitched voice and wants to do us to dinner some time lol. He works as a dietitian so he gives me a lot of tips on where to find gluten free products (that's cool).

The good looking guy: and he is Somali. Kind and helpfull guy but overcritical and impatient. He is a very good looking guy and every time the other girls see me with him I get these weird looks (for some reason he likes to hang with me...maybe coz I remind him of prayer times). Now here's the shocker.....I don't fancy him. I am known to be a naturalist and appreciate natures beauty but he just doesn't do it for me.....

The good looking girl: tall (5,11"), beautiful....she is due to apply to Britain's top model. There's my call to fame! She is a nice girl and always asks me questions about Islam (she is a non-practising roman Catholic). She thinks I am cool coz I am always laid back and chilled out (kinda like a person high on weed....but I am really I am!).

The over eager guy: He is a sweetheart.....spends ridiculous amounts of time researching universities, courses, class notes, lectures, concepts. You name it and he probably has a mini book on it. Always asking questions and a real hard-worker. I suppose he has a lot to prove since he sustained a head injury a few years back and spent a lot of time in hospital.

The black guy: Lives in the same hood as me. Call us his posse.....and generally jokes around. He has travelled extensively in South East Asia but if you see him you wouldn't think so. Loves his women (true black man in that sense lol). Keeps it real!

The gossip: This girl wants to know each and everyone's life story. The most inquisitive person I have ever met (about other people life) and she doesnt shy away from akward questions either. She talks for England and then some too!

The class clown: middle class white boy who fancies himself as a bit of joker and in his defence he is funny most of the time. He is also the trampy dressed boy who is a bit of an activist. Always wears these cool t-shirts that make a statement (I want his t-shirts.....) He pulls these classic faces that are just rib aching (yea...I still find funny faces funny)

The Zionist: He did two years in the Israeli army always flaunts it in the face of Muslims. Tells us about how he is a devout follower of his religion (good on him) and how he believes in the Israeli right to independence (he is entitled to his own opinion). Has these dark stunning, long eye-lashes! Quit the course.....maybe because of the overwhelming number of Muslims?

Ms helpfull: Knows when all assignments are due....always helping me withe extra notes. Calling me in the morning so I don't run late...calls me her daughter (she is around 36). Drives a nice black 4x4 with tinted windows which sometime parks in the middle of the car park (the part where the drive in and not park). She says I am a 'no-nonsense spiritual'. Her grandfather is from Muslim Yemeni (in that sense I say she my sister) but she is a Christian. Says she wants to find me man (according to her I would go for a tall athletically built guy who is laid back......that would be nice.....these days I don't have types any more...)

The twisted guy: This guy is really f***ed up! He spreads rumour and verbally abuses people in his language (I understand some of the words he says). He pretends to be everyone friend but he is there to use everyone (so he can get form point A to point B). The first thing he asked me was how much of the Qur'an I memorised...a few days later he told me he works with Jinns and they helped him find his missing sister. He is constantly swearing and saying he aint Somali (thank God he it is crystal clear to everyone he a non-Somali as he is white Arab). I can't stand him and I believe he is aware of it.......probably writing down a hex for me....I have Allah as my protector (inshaAllah kheyr)

A few weeks back the class clown wore a t-shirt that said 'FREE PALESTINE'. The Zionist made a huge deal about, asking him to take it off as he was offended. He asked whether the class clown would feel comfortable if he wore a t-shirt that said 'I support the 7/7 terrorist'. The class clown backed down and promised not to wear the t-shirt again.
I wasn't there when this happened...I walked into class a few minutes later. I was so p***ed off with the class clown. I asked him if he believed in what the t-shirt say and he said he did. Then why back down for something you believe in huh? Why suppress your freedom of expression?
I told the Zionist I didn't share his believes or freedom. He wore an Israeli army sweatshirt that I found offensive but I didn't curb his freedom of expression.
My sister asked if the logo had a picture of a bumble bee (it was a hornet according to him) and he was so offended, he looked like he was gonna cry. We didn't even know that we hit a nerve. Apparently she bruised his manhood without even trying. Maskeen

Overall I have a lot of fun in far everything is going good. The lectures are bearable and I am right on track, alhamdulillah. My classmates in general are nice people and there is a warm atmosphere (even the lecturers have commented on it), we are keen to help each other and keep it real with each other too.