"Every soul shall have a taste of death: And only on the Day of Judgment shall you be paid your full recompense. Only he who is saved far from the Fire and admitted to the Garden will have attained the object (of Life): For the life of this world is but goods and chattels of deception." (Al Imran Chapter 3 verse 185)

Monday, July 31, 2006

Being Random!

Well….it has been a week of planning and researching.

First and foremost NM and I have been given the ability to sort out our issues with a certain friend. ALLAH (s.w) sent inspiration to us via White African….alhamdulillah. Jazakillah for the help White African.

WA has left for morocco for 10 days…….I hope she had a safe a safe trip and ALLAH keeps her and her companions in best health and of iman, and returns them safely back to us ……ameen

I think we might have finally found an all female martial arts class…….I know we have found a belly dancing class to accommodate our needs ( we need to get fit and toned……sitting around on our lazy butts all day aint gonna do us good).

Another funny incident occurred.......WA, NM and I had to teach a little rudebwoy wannabe a lesson......I will NM have the honour of blogging about this.

Plans on broadening my linguistic skill have been slightly modified. Together with plans on learning Arabic I will also be learning Bosnian (albeit basic). On top of that save for our Egypt trip with NM. It’s going to be the most hectic six months in along while. This sounds a bit far fetched but I am hoping to fit in driving lessons into my schedule as well (although I am wondering whether I should leave that to NM and keep riding on the passenger side for a little longer.........hell its cheaper so you cant knock it).

Oh........another funny thing (I nearly forgot). While innocently surfing brother Rendezvous blog I decided to curiously browse through his links. I came across a blog called Native Xalimo (I was wondering who has the same name as my blog...........and wondering why I didn’t think of adding Xalimo to my name instead of Female). Anyway I was with NM at the time and it made us laugh. By the way……brother Rendezvous has cool blog.........entirely dedicated to Muslim women........I guess he knows we are the better half......lool

I also watched District 13 (the French movie) was good! And I met some great Muslim teenagers from London and Bosnia. MashaAllah.....this kids migth be going places....they are our future!



Blogger The Rendezvous said...

Thanks for the blog's compliment.

Have a nice holiday..

tutawamiss jo

Monday, July 31, 2006 9:33:00 AM  

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